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Topamax Lawsuits

A derivative of Topriamate, Topamax has been used for a number of years now to treat certain types of seizures, often used in conjunction with other medications to supplement its effects. In addition, the drug has become widely used in the treatment and prevention of migraines for long-time sufferers. Medically categorized in a class known as anticonvulsants, Topamax works by decreasing any abnormal excitement that is exhibited in the brains of seizure and migraine patients.

As advertised by the product's official website, the use of Topamax works differently from other typical migraine medications in that it is taken daily as a means to prevent future migraines from occurring. Unfortunately, in addition to offering an alternative source of treatment for patients suffering from migraine headaches, the drug also produces a number of adverse side effects in some of the users who take it. In some cases, these side effects have proven to be life-threatening.

Adverse Side Effects of Topamax Use

The Topamax drug is prescribed as a tablet and sprinkle capsule that is instructed to be taken by mouth. While the medication's instructions do not specify that the medicine must be taken with food or at certain times of the day / night, the drug is not without its flaws, many of which manifest themselves as negative side effects that could significantly affect the users of the medication. Serious side effects related to the use of Topamax include: worsening of a person's seizures, bloody / cloudy urine, inability to respond to things around you, irregular heartbeat, trouble breathing, chest pain, slow heart rate, stomach pain, constant need to urinate, severe pain in the back or side and double vision. Birth defects such as cleft palates and cleft lips have also been tied to Topamax use by pregnant mothers.

Primarily, Topamax has been known to result in some of the following side effects, which are somewhat less severe than those listed above; however, they are still cause for concern and should be taken equally as seriously: memory problems, confusion, difficulty concentrating, delayed reactions, speech problems, difficulty retrieving words, mood swings, irritability, depression, nervousness, headaches, weakness, uncontrollable shaking of the body, heartburn, nose bleeds, dry mouth, swelling of the tongue, trouble swallowing, increased saliva, gum overgrowth, uncontrollable eye movements, teary or dry eyes, missed menstrual periods, hair loss, difficulty and pain when urinating, ringing of the ears, changes in skin color, swelling of the hands, arms, feet, ankles, legs and more.

Consider Your Legal Options

Suffering from the side effects of Topamax use can be unbearable, whether you are experiencing minor side effects or severe, life-threatening symptoms. Therefore, it is imperative that you do not wait to take legal action. Due the number of side effects produced by this drug, there are very specific conditions which are expected to be adhered to when administering and taking Topamax. However, if your doctor or pharmacist fails to fully or appropriately explain to you the proper way to take the medication for which you are being prescribed you could make a mistake that could adversely affect your health or even jeopardize your life. As such, it is the responsibility of the medical professionals involved in your case to pay careful attention to your medical conditions and history before prescribing Topamax as an answer to your migraines and / or seizures.

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